Why Environments-as-a-Service is GitOps 2.0

The era of Pull Request

While an enterprise does not have an unlimited supply of developers like in open-source, there needs to be a mechanism to vote on a change or commit. This is where the concept of Pull Request comes in.


There are various definitions of GitOps depending upon where you look. The easiest place to look is within the term itself which is a portmanteau of Git and Operations. In other words, using the power of Git to help operations.

  1. Infrastructure as Code
  2. Merge Requests (Pull Requests)
  3. CI/CD

Wait! Am I dealing with source code or infrastructure code and where is Ops?

There are multiple moving parts here. The first question is what is actually going into a repository. we are going to cover all these parts in part 2 of this blog. coming soon….



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Rishi Yadav

Rishi Yadav

This blog is mostly around my cloud-native & Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) technology insights. I would throw some crypto wisdom here and there.